What must you do if something is dropped or spilled on your carpet? That’s always the carpet owner’s nightmare. Cleaning carpets can sometimes be a pain, but not if you know what you should do when these things happen.  

The most common stains on the carpets usually come from wine, coffee, and food. But that isn’t just your problem. You also have to think about dirt and dust build-up. Carpets have fibers that need to be kept clean at all times. This is why homes with carpets need extra care and regular maintenance. What should you do to make sure that your carpets are clean? Here’s what: 

  1. Clean allspills as soon as possible.  

Stains come from spills that aren’t dealt with immediately. This is why you need a carpet cleaner handy at all times. In case you run out of it, use tissues to soak up the spill. Keep on dabbing until you get as much of it as you can. Remember not to rub the spill or it will be further absorbed by your carpet. 

  1. Vacuumregularly. 

Vacuuming removes all dirt, grime, and dust on the surface of the carpet. Vacuuming allows you to minimize the debris on the carpet. Remember to use the vacuum first before you apply any shampoo or cleaning solution on your carpet to clean it further. Doing so would make the job a lot easier.  

  1. Use theideal cleaningsolutions. 

Don’t buy carpet cleaning solutions that you’re not sure of. Buy something that specifically works for the type of carpet that you own. Remember that every carpet has its own kind of fiber and each fiber requires a special type of cleaning. Using the wrong one could cause damage. 

  1. Apply pre-treatment solutions.

Before you wash your carpet, use a pre-treatment cleaning solution. Doing so breaks down some of the stubborn stains on your carpet. Pre-treatment solutions are usually easy-to-apply spray-on compounds so this shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.  

  1. Work from the outer edges going in. 

When you clean your carpet, start cleaning from the farthest corner from the door. Then work your way to the center. That’s the right way of cleaning carpets. Clean your carpet using parallel strokes at a steady pace.  

  1. 6. Don’tuse too much water.

Soaking the carpet with water is a bad idea. It will only damage the carpet backing and would take a longer time to dry up. Use a combination of wet and dry strokes when cleaning carpets, while making sure that you’re using more of the dry strokes than the wet strokes.  

  1. 7.Clean your carpetregularly. 

You can’t assure your family of a clean and healthy carpet unless you commit to cleaning it regularly. Try to vacuum the carpet every other day. Do some do-it-yourself carpet cleaning every six months. And get your carpet professionally cleaned once a year. If you need help, you can always request for professional carpet cleaning Portage. Always remember that there’s no alternative to having the professionals clean your carpet.